Italia in isolamento: musica e comunita`

“La musica fa respirare-music makes you breathe” (Alda Merini) This week we have been looking at the importance of musica, comunita`, famiglia and being insieme (together). We’ve explored how the Italian people used music as a tremendous source of support and reassurance during their first period of isolamento. From their balconies Italians sang, played instruments,

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#la vita in cucina!

Buongiorno a tutti! This week students have engaged in a reflection of their term’s Italian learning. Students have indicated that they have enjoyed their explorations of Italian food, culture, and associated language and have particularly relished the opportunity to have agency in their learning, choosing ways in which to present their discoveries and growth. We’ve

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#io resto a casa…la vita in cucina

Buongiorno a tutti! We have been continuing to investigate la vita in cucina, (consolidating our capacity to express likes, dislikes and preferences), and to explore related Italian language and culture.In addition to their Seesaw responses, it’s been wonderful to see so many students participating in the weekly Italian webex workshops….there we get to reconnect online

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