August 2017

Wellbeing Session with Bronwyn

Bronwyn, the school’s social worker, has been conducting wellbeing sessions with the children. She started the session with a teamwork game involving straws. The children formed pairs and were required to move around the room while balancing 2 straws between their fingers or hands.  The activity was extended when they were asked to form a  larger group with another pair.  Bronwyn

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Week 7 Learning Focus

Literacy This week in literacy, we will continue working on our story-books. We will use this opportunity to explore the conventions of writing, in particular, punctuation and spelling. The children have been working on their first drafts in their writing books and are working toward publishing their final drafts in their own booklet, in which

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Lost property

Hi, this is our lost property in neighbourhood 1. And my job is a lost property manager I have 2 helpers, Juno and Elsie. We have been taking pictures of all the lost property in neighbourhood, so parents remember to bring back any lost property back to your house. And children remember don’t bring any

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