August 2019

Sensory garden

Blog post by Esmae, Yvette, Xena, Alex, Edward and Flynn. The sensory garden opened last Friday, the 23 of August. The sensory garden was built next to 5/6 playground, next to the big oval, and it has been crowded ever since. The garden includes a shell pit, instead of the sandpit we have in the

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Happy Campers : Year 6 Camp to Canberra

As children grow through their primary education, they become familiar with the annual adventure camp. The camp that allows our children to develop independence, take risks and develop new friendships. While our Year 6 camp to Canberra aimed to accomplish these objectives, the trip focused primarily on connecting learning and knowledge available in places such

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All About Fractions

What We Know About Fractions…   It’s not a fraction unless it’s an equal part. Lewis Fractions include halves, quarters and eighths. Owen L Half a half is a quarter, and half a quarter is an eighth. Felix Fractions are an equal part of a whole. Lachlan The denominator is the bottom number in a

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Term 3, Week 6 Learning

The children are continuing to explore how we can use stories to communicate important messages about the environment for our future. Last week students began writing information texts about the environment, writing narratives told through the eyes of animals, and stories with persuasive ideas about the environment. They have been creating habitats for animals that live in

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Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is starting next week! Kids have begun skipping in Phys Ed. sessions this week and they will be receiving pamphlets with information regarding fundraising and prizes. Jump Rope for Heart – a fantastic physical activity and fundraising program by the Heart Foundation that has been running for over 35 years. Since Jump

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