June 2020

A Blazing Friday Performance

Dear Parents and Carers, The term finished with an explosion of creative energy as the final Friday performances both captivated and enthralled. Well done to our two highly organised and focused hosts, Aimi and Sotir who kept the show going for almost an hour. Have a wonderful holiday. The Year 2 Team

Goodbye Khorigorzul!

Goodbye Khorigorzul! You have been a fantastic member of the Year 2 neighbourhood. We wish you the very best for your new life in Canberra. The Year 2 neighbourhood

Double Helix Quiz

Dear Parent and Carers, We have just completed the latest Double Helix quiz and once again we scored 2/5. Can you do better? https://blog.doublehelix.csiro.au/giants-a-quick-quiz/

Connection and Reflection

Returning to school after months apart, the 3/4s have been focused on sharing our individual experiences of remote learning. One of the ways we’ve done this connected with our excursion to the immigration museum and Sandridge Bridge in Term 1, where we explored some of the countries that have contributed to Australian multiculturalism. We noticed …

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Investigating Change

Transitions It has been a relatively smooth few weeks transitioning back to school. We have observed children keen to return to school, who have been easily and independently engaged in learning. It is impressive that most students have remembered to bring water bottles, paper towel and headphones to school to support their learning together. The …

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