March 2017

We’re Not Rubbish!

During this term students have been investigating the rubbish problem at PHPS.  Our Science workshops focused on how science helps people to understand the effects of their actions, and working toward planning and conducting scientific investigations to find answers to questions. Below are some of the findings and observations from the students!             […]

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We made Oobleck!

Last week….the Preps viewed a science video to see how Oobleck is made. A procedural text was written together as a modelled and interactive writing experience. We discussed what makes a Oobleck special – it isn’t quite a solid and it isn’t quite a liquid! It depends on how you touch it! This week….each ‘sea

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My Place Presentations

  A huge congratulations to all of the year 2 students on completing their My Place Presentations! Meredith, Jen and Tim were hugely impressed by how all students took on the project with gusto and excitement. The level of thought and detail that went into all of them was extremely high.   To remind yourself

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Preps Got Talent!

Here are our amazing performers and presenters from Weeks 6, 7 and 8. WEEK 6 Guest Performers: Deb and Nick Talent: Double Bass PRESENTERS: Lyla and Sebastien  Performer: Hugo Talent: Dancing Performer: Franzi Talent: Horse shoe puzzle   WEEK 7 Performer: Alessia Talent: Singing Performer: Claudia Talent: Singing and dancing performance from ‘Matilda’ stage show Song: ‘Naughty’  

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Week 9 Happenings

FINAL WEEK OF TERM 1 Monday Numeracy / Recount writing / Story sequencing Projects and provocations / Shared reading – Big book Science viewing time Tuesday Provocations / Shared reading – Big book Specialist – Italian (Yellow and Red), Physical Education (Blue and Red), Art (Blue and Yellow) Buddy time Wednesday Provocations / Shared reading –

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