#Io resto a casa….in cucina!

As we embark on other period of remote and flexible learning, we explore the sentiment which united Italians during their period of isolation #io resto a casa (I’m staying home)….and we will venture back into the heart of the Italian home…la cucina! (the kitchen). For many Italians cooking with their families was a great source of comfort and joy during the challenging times.

This week the students in the junior school expanded their knowledge of fruit vocabulary in Italian, creating cute little characters with Italian names, or drawing and writing about their favourite frutti...whilst the senior school students followed Masterchef Italia winner Erica Liverani and her adorable daughter Emma as they make a true Italian staple…la bruschetta. Students learned to name the ingredients and some simple verbs relating to the making of this humble dish. Many students were excited to have a go at making bruschetta with their families, using ingredients that were readily available at home and enjoying it for their lunch (pranzo) or dinner (cena)! Their families described the bruschetta as deliziosa, buonissima, fantastica!



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