Term 4, Week 6 Update

The lines of inquiry in Neighbourhood 1 are working hard towards the creation of our Guide to Gratitude. We can now reveal our front cover as a sneak peak ahead of publication… In the Personal Gratitude group, students have made great progress in trialling and reflecting on self-care activities. They are now working on publishing […]

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The junior school tabloid sports were such a huge success!  The participation of the students was incredible; they demonstrated perseverance, determination, teamwork, sportsmanship, house spirit, and showed that they really are strong and capable children.   The events were chicken slinging, captain’s coming, caterpillar team challenge, egg and spoon races, sack races, team island relays, extreme


“Who Am I?” …

As we continue our exploration into the question “Who Am I?”, children responded in provocations in a range of ways. We noticed that a lot of children responded by drawing and writing about their families. So we came together as a neighbourhood and asked the children “What is a Family?” Someone who lives together with a

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HPE Update

Expo this week – HPE videos are available to view the learning journey of each neighborhood. Key learning for this week, across neighborhoods Prep – Games and fundamental movement skills.  Year 1 – Dodging! The kids have been playing games and doing movement drills to practice changing direction while running. They have been practicing transferring

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Junior School: The children have been learning some traditional Indigeonous games. waayin – A game involving the identification of animal tracks diyari koolchee – A game where ball is rolled and rebounded off the wall to hit the target luka-pul pul – A find the object game jillora – A ball spinning game The 3/4s

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