Big Idea

Book Week

Book Week was a roaring success this year with so many of our outstanding students dressing up and looking amazing! A big thank you to all parents, students and teachers who put in a massive effort into their costumes, activities and enthusiasm for all things reading! This year we really focused on understanding characters and […]

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Home Learning Task

Over the past few weeks, we have been investigating plant systems.  We have looked at the life cycle of a plant, what plants need to survive, photosynthesis and parts of the plants we eat.  We are going to start exploring where our food comes from and also the dependence on plants and animals for our survival.

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Our Inquiry has moved into looking at natural systems in our world.  The students have started to investigate plants and their systems. We have spent the week thinking about what plants need to grow. Here is a snapshot of how our inquiry looked this week. At the beginning of the week we planted our snow

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Maker Week!

This week, PHPS are turning into makers!  We have got lots of fantastic things planned in the neighbourhood during the week, in celebration of Education Week.  We will be looking at how technology has changed the way we communicate and how we can use technology in our neighbourhood. This will all culminate in our Maker

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Don’t be a stranger!

We’ve almost come to the end of a fantastic first week back. The students have enthusiastically participated in workshops, provocations and target groups, with a focus on our big idea of Systems. We have started to ‘sort through’ and ‘make sense’ of everything we have discovered.The students thoughts and understandings are starting to be displayed

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Simple Machines

  In the grade one neighbourhood we have been exploring the big idea of systems. A system is something with a set of parts that work together to make something work. We have discovered that systems help us make sense of the world. We have talked about the systems we know in our lives, including – the human

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Last term, the grade 1 neighbourhood started to explore the big understanding of systems.  We looked at what a system was and some examples of systems. Yesterday we interviewed the students, asking them questions about systems and what they understood about how systems work.  The kids came up with some really interesting snippets of information.

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Today in the grade one neighbourhood we took a deeper look at simple machines and their parts. Here is a short powerpoint presentation you can look at and use at home to think about the simple machines you may be able to see around the house. Click on the machines picture to download the presentation.    

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The Gruffalo

  In our shared reading on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we looked at the old favourite ‘The Gruffalo’. The kids really connected with text, drawing on past experiences when they read the book at Kinder or in Prep or with a loved one at home.  On Thursday, after reading the text, we connected The Gruffalo

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