July 2017

Go Wombats!

This morning some of the girls in the year 2 neighbourhood played their first netball game at the State Netball and Hockey Centre! Jen was lucky enough to go along and watch the girls (her daughter was playing in the next game), and witnessed an amazing effort put forth by all of the team.  

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Procedural Texts

This term, the Year 2’s have started to look at procedural texts. So far, we’ve started with investigating cookbooks and recipes, and came up with some statements as a class to describe the organization, structure and features of these texts. This week, we looked at another type of procedural text – instructions on how to

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Term 3 Excursions

This term, the Year 2 Neighbourhood will be going on two excursions! In Week 4, on Thursday 10th August, we will visit the Melbourne Museum. We will deepen our learning from last term surrounding how we make connections to places, indigenous artwork and dreamtime stories by investigating the culture and traditions of Victoria’s Aboriginal people.

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Origami & NASA

Vicki Tu has been a welcome visitor to neighbourhood 1 for the last two Tuesdays. She has been exploring the art of origami with students who have found the experiences thought provoking and relaxing. Through the art form students are prompted to think mathematically and geometrically about design, while building perseverance and patience. Vicki will visit

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We grew seedlings!

The Preps planted a variety of seeds during the last week of Term 2. On Wednesday, the children analysed the growth of each type of plant and we measured the size of the shoots. The children had some great ideas about why plants grow: “Energy from the ground goes into the roots. Water goes into the plants and makes

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