Kate Robertson –


Meredith Dufour –

This is my third year of teaching at Princes Hill Primary School after graduating from Melbourne University with a Master of Primary Teaching in 2016. I have a background in architecture and design, and prior to this career change I worked as an architect for ten years, on both small and larger scale projects around Melbourne. I was born in Canada but moved to Australia many years ago, and have lived in Melbourne since 2003. Outside of school, I like reading, yoga, visiting national parks and beaches around Victoria, and enjoying art, film, and dance events around the city. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you and excited to be a part of the Year Two Neighbourhood again this year, so please say hello when you can.



Warrick Berg –

This is now my fifth year at Princes Hill Primary, having taught in the 5/6 neighbourhood for the past three years and joined the Year 2 Neighbourhood last year. Prior to teaching at Princes Hill I was living and teaching in Taiwan. I have a Bachelor of Biological Science and this is an interest I have been able to maintain through my role as Science and Sustainability Coordinator. I am very happy to be teaching in the Year 2 neighbourhood again this year and being a part of the outstanding Year 2 team!