November 2020

2020 Learning Expo

As a neighbourhood we have worked together this year to help each other learn more about ourselves and our community. We engaged in a variety of experiences such as writing our own Autobiographies, investigating what makes us and our families happy, connecting with nature, working to improve ourselves (both academically and our mental wellbeing) because […]

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HPE Update

Expo this week – HPE videos are available to view the learning journey of each neighborhood. Key learning for this week, across neighborhoods Prep – Games and fundamental movement skills.  Year 1 – Dodging! The kids have been playing games and doing movement drills to practice changing direction while running. They have been practicing transferring

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Expo 2020

Thank you to all the families who participated in the online Expo 2020 on Tuesday evening! The children’s work through out the year was showcased on the weblink: Year One Experience the 2020 Story of the children’s learning through the Year One Learning Expo website.   We have been encouraged with the overwhelming response from

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Italia in isolamento: musica e comunita`

“La musica fa respirare-music makes you breathe” (Alda Merini) This week we have been looking at the importance of musica, comunita`, famiglia and being insieme (together). We’ve explored how the Italian people used music as a tremendous source of support and reassurance during their first period of isolamento. From their balconies Italians sang, played instruments,

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Deepening our understanding of multiple mathematical concepts

Over the last few weeks, the 3/4’s have had a large focus on mathematical concepts. Each day students have been collaborating in groups to explore, learn, master and communicate concepts, allowing these new skills to be applied through our inquiry and other real-life concepts. With a focus on mathematical language, Aurelie, Chris and Hugo B.

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