September 2019

Dialogical Pedagogy

“Dialogic pedagogy is a term used by a growing number of scholars, practitioners and policy-makers to describe learning processes in which teacher and pupils critically interrogate the topic of study, express and listen to multiple voices and points of view, and create respectful and equitable classroom relations.” While we are not new to the

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Viva Italia!

              Throughout this term students across the school have engaged in an exploration (albeit virtual!) of Italia. We’ve discovered that it has a very unique shape, that its major cities are very varied, and that there’s more to pizza than the ubiquitous round shape! In Roma you can buy pizza al

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Tree Planting

On Monday afternoon the project group exploring our school’s natural outdoor environment spent some time planting new tree’s. They had a wonderful time reflecting on the types of tree’s they were planing, the importance of them and the way to care for the new tree’s as they grow.    

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Melbourne Museum Excursion!

On Tuesday, the whole year 1 neighbourhood ventured out to the Melbourne Museum! The students fully immersed themselves in the real life contexts which included exhibitions of ‘Bugs Alive,’ ‘Marine Life’ and ‘Dinosaur Walks.’ In line with our current inquiry focus of communicating important messages for our environment and the our future, students further identified

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