Month: February 2022

When we see visual representations of sound, do we hear it better?

Hello to everyone. This Term is romping along and I am loving how our music sessions are unfolding across the Neighbourhoods. The question above has emerged as an observation from the Yr 5/6 students as they were watching an animated response to Ligiti’s 1958 electronic sound piece ‘Artikulation’. There is a resonance with the Yr …

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Developing Learning Dispositions

An important part of establishing our new neighbourhood community centres around supporting children to develop a range of dispositions that will support them as lifelong learners. These dispositions include but are not limited to perseverance, curiosity, bravery, focus, independence, resilience and emotional intelligence. Our inquiry approach at PHPS offers the perfect opportunity for the development …

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Week 4 Learning

5/6 students who are impacted by COVID, can engage with the following learning opportunities while at home: Projects and Provocations – location in the Student Shared Drive on Google Drive (all students have access to this) Reading – write a summary, response to what was read, a book review Numeracy – daily practice of maths …

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