February 2017

Preps Got Talent!

Last Friday we experienced another fabulous Preps Got Talent. Lora began as the announcer and was quickly replaced by Archer who revealed himself has a truly captivating announcer! We eagerly await his return this week! Guest performance  Jared (Year  Neighbourhood) Talent: Trumpet Song: Ave Maria and a self composed song Prep performers Wren (Blue group) Talent: Harmonica …

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Week 5 Happenings

Monday Numeracy – estimation an counting / Recount /Wellbeing Library / Subitising / Compass points (visible thinking routine) Tuesday Provocations / Shared reading – Big book Specialist – Italian (Yellow and Red), Physical Education (Blue and Red), Art (Blue and Yellow) Buddy time Wednesday Provocations / Shared reading – Big book Compass points (visible thinking …

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Me Bags

Last week, the Preps got together to share a special part of themselves. Each student was placed in a group of 3, they were given the task of sharing What it is? Where it is from? & Why it is special? Here are the results! Well done Prepee’s, you should all feel so proud! Also a big …

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Learning Focus Week 5

As the Year 1 inquiry “My Place in the World” unfolds, we are currently investigating the world through scientific concepts that the children have shown an interest in. These are light, sound, and bugs! The children have already started sharing their ideas about these areas and this week we are exploring different thoughts and ideas …

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Coro dei Bambini

Coro dei Bambini is an Italian choir open to students in years 3-6. We meet each week to explore traditional, folk and popular Italian songs. The Coro dei Bambini experience culminates in workshops mentored by professional musicians and then in a special celebration of Italian music and song with Brunswick North PS. Coro dei Bambini takes …

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Maths SMART Goals Update

Students across the 3/4 neighbourhood have been very excited about demonstrating their mathematical learning progress through the development of their SMART goal. Here are some examples of the learning:             

Optical Illusion Created!

Jacob in 3/4 Neighbourhood 2 has been studying the art of optical illusions as part of his maths inquiry learning. Jacob has been investigating the properties of 2D and 3D illusions and has created his very own illusion through his research:  How did Jacob create the 3D illusion using only dice?

What’s Happening

Parent Information Evening Dear parents and families, It has been a productive and positive start to 2017. The Year 5 students have transitioned particularly well and have also been fantastic role models for their Prep buddies. A reminder that the PHPS Information Evening will be on next Wednesday (1st March) at 6pm in the school …

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Learning Focus

Mathematics We’ve made a great start to the mathematical year in the 5/6 Neighbourhood. In our maths inquiry, students are getting in the habit of choosing between “Maths on my own”, “Maths with a friend” and “Writing about maths.” We have also started focussing on different ways of solving mathematical problems. Here’s one for you …

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