Camp Weekaway

At camp in Benloch, the students demonstrated impressive independence, resilience and teamwork. In response, they have been writing newspaper articles based on their experience, choosing an event to describe and selecting their own ‘angle’ for the story. Some students have even interviewed other children for their article, for example to find out public opinions relating

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How Big?

Over the last few days we have been exploring measurement as a system in maths.  A provocation was set up for students to start their brains thinking about how we figure out the size of things. On Monday, a square was drawn on the ground in chalk and the students were given the very minimal

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This week in maths, we looked at counting large groups of things, and the best way we can do that. We started off with a workshop on Tuesday with the problem –   Mr Wonka has asked the Oompa Loompas to organise and count the lollypops to get them ready for shipping to the candy stores.

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How Time Flies!

Whilst exploring our Big Idea of Systems, the children have discovered that the system of time helps us make sense of the world.  Using calendars helps everyone remember when our birthday is, the bell rings at 3:30 to let us know when it his home time and the oven timer dings when our dinner is

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