September 2016

Mathematics in term 3

The the latter half of term 3, prep students have been experiencing mathematics and a number of ways during each week. Throughout the week, students have been involved in mathematics workshops and targets. During mathematics workshops the students are introduced and explore concepts in mixed ability groups. In Mathematics targets, students are provided explicit mathematics instruction […]

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Some home learning ideas

Here are some suggestions of possible home learning experiences Write a recount of a special event in Readers’ Notebook Zoo visit Play date Picnic Practice skip counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s Reading with your child/children Here is a link to an online source you may want to explore Mathletics resources erations_with_Number_-_Student_Book-2 R_Measurement_-_Student_Book R_Numbers_and_Patterns-_Student_Book Practice

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Pattern exploration

 The Preps have made some key discoveries through our pattern inquiry. We can see and hear patterns. They are on clothes, in stories, in songs and dances. The children observed patterns in the school environment – inside and outside. The key concept to understand about pattern is the repetition. A base pattern is made and then repeated

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MONDAY Postie Chris stories / Shared writing / Mathematics Projects and Provocations Literacy workshops Shared reading time TUESDAY Projects and Provocations Assembly Practice Pattern / ‘I am proud of….’ / Shared story writing Buddy time A-bots: Design and construction of robot costume B-bots: Creating an instruction manual C-bots: Coding WEDNESDAY  Projects and Provocations Assembly Practice Mindfulness/Meditation, Neighbourhood


We made lava lamps!

Earlier this week, the Preps created lava lamps. We started by exploring the Three States of Matter: Liquid, Gas and Solid, it was wonderful to hear their insights as we went through each matter. Some examples included Elliot M “solid feels just like oobleck!”, Aliye “steam is gas!” and Cleo “liquid can run through your

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