September 2020

#la vita in cucina!

Buongiorno a tutti! This week students have engaged in a reflection of their term’s Italian learning. Students have indicated that they have enjoyed their explorations of Italian food, culture, and associated language and have particularly relished the opportunity to have agency in their learning, choosing ways in which to present their discoveries and growth. We’ve

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Measuring Change

Over the last couple of weeks, the children in 3/4 have been measuring change in a variety of ways. They have been exploring how using different forms of measurement enable us to more deeply understand the changes that happen around us and then take action to create positive changes in the world moving forward. Many

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End of Term Inquiry

                                 “When we learn about ourselves it helps us to understand others.” Students have continued to investigate family stories to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their own family history. Students interviewed a chosen family member and discovered many

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Junior School: The children have been learning some traditional Indigeonous games. waayin – A game involving the identification of animal tracks diyari koolchee – A game where ball is rolled and rebounded off the wall to hit the target luka-pul pul – A find the object game jillora – A ball spinning game The 3/4s

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#io resto a casa…la vita in cucina

Buongiorno a tutti! We have been continuing to investigate la vita in cucina, (consolidating our capacity to express likes, dislikes and preferences), and to explore related Italian language and culture.In addition to their Seesaw responses, it’s been wonderful to see so many students participating in the weekly Italian webex workshops….there we get to reconnect online

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Week 8 Reflections

Dear parents and carers, Cooking, lava lamps, pie charts, exceptional writing, inquiring minds, positive thoughts, uplifting music and community sharing! Another eclectic and enjoyable week in Year 2. Jack B’s Bro Burger!   Undram: This week we have been focusing on our lnquiry: ‘The Self’ and we have been looking at our community and the

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