Changes Around The School

Yesterday the Year Twos walked around the school observing the changes that are happening within our surroundings. We made notes of everything we noticed around the school that looked new or different. We worked in pairs or groups of three and carrying a piece of paper, a pencil, and a clipboard, recorded any differences that caught our keen eyes.

– We noticed the new playground getting built. Last time I saw it, the slide wasn’t finished but now it is. Kat

– We also noticed pictures of the new playground design on the windows of the 5/6 portables. Charlie

– I noticed that the builders are building a stage west of the main school building. River

– I noticed a pile of big and small rocks behind a tree by the basketball courts. Other students must have been making a collection. Alessia

– There are some new signs on some Neighbourhood windows. Some are advertising lunchtime clubs. Robert

– I noticed the new compost bin. Owen L.

– In the area where they are building the new playground, they are also building a garden with lots of new plants. Scarlett Hont

– I noticed the new sand in the sandpit. When we visited, the Year 3/4s were practising long jump with Maddy. Ozzy

– I noticed that there is a lot of rubbish discarded onto the concrete. It makes me feel like nobody cares about pollution and animals. Olivia

– We also noticed our new Art teacher, Nadja! Franzi