By supporting our children to develop correct pencil grip and letter formation in their early years of school we are laying a strong foundation for their future writing success.

The following link provide some guidance on supporting your child to develop an adequate pencil grip. In addition to practicing with various writing tools (pens, pencils, paint brushes) we recognise the importance of developing finger and hand strength which is one reason why we offer a range of provocations in the neighbourhood including clay, weaving, threading, puzzles and play dough. We encourage you to engage in these types of activities at home with your child too!


The chart below shows the correct formation for each of the Victorian Modern Cursive letters. You can support your child by watching them as they write at home (this could be anything from a shopping list to a card for someone special and supporting them to correctly form each letter).









Below are some handwriting activities that you can use at home to support your child.