Term 4 Week 2

It has been a busy start to Term 4 in the 3/4 Neighbourhood…

Using our Inquiry question “How can we improve play across our school”, the students have formed lunchtime clubs to teach younger students about their own passion. Students were required to create a schedule of activities, create persuasive videos, plan the resourcing and supervision of the club beforehand.

Our first round of lunchtime clubs have begun with Preps being accessing basketball skills led by Milo and Leo in ‘Basketball Club’ and 1/2 students learning from Ella, Nina, Esther, Frances, Samane and Aaliyah in ‘Gymnastics Club’.

During the sessions they demonstrated inclusivity and considered how they could make it emotionally and socially inviting for the younger students.

We have been working on shape and space across the neighbourhood. We have been consolidating our knowledge of 2D shapes and looking at the properties of 3D shapes and using the language of faces, vertices and edges. Ours students have been very inspired by how this knowledge transfers into the real world through building design. We have been designing and making playgrounds to be socially, emotionally and physically inviting. In addition to this some students have trialled drawing using rulers and protractors and online programs to create building designs.

In Inquiry, we are finalising our projects to have our symbols for our values and our map of the school including the stories behind the play spaces ready for sharing with the community towards the end of term.