Week 4 Reflection

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas and cracks with gold. They do this to honour the cracks, dignify the scars and not hide them but most importantly to make the fractured object more beautiful and unique than it was before”. The journey towards the Princes Hill Wellbeing Arts

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Term 4 Week 2

Dear parents and carers, We have made a big achievement by successfully doing another term of remote learning and now we are back at school and sitting in the meeting space and doing the blog together (Edie).  Some of the wonderful things we have done this week are: We have made a great achievement in

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Week 8 Reflections

Dear parents and carers, Cooking, lava lamps, pie charts, exceptional writing, inquiring minds, positive thoughts, uplifting music and community sharing! Another eclectic and enjoyable week in Year 2. Jack B’s Bro Burger!   Undram: This week we have been focusing on our lnquiry: ‘The Self’ and we have been looking at our community and the

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Week 5 Learning Reflection

Dear parents/carers, This week, among many other things we have pondered whether Herbie and Violet are going to get caught, considered how we describe and categorise different materials, observed and drawn objects from the natural world, continued developing our increasingly detailed autobiographies and thought deeply about chance. Here are a sprinkling of reflections from Week

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Week 4 Reflections

Dear parents/carers, We hope that all families have had an enjoyable and rewarding week peppered with moments of laughter, success and some time spent savouring the gems that life presents us. To further brighten your week, please read the following reflections from some of the stars in Year 2. Owen: I have improved on my

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