Week 6 Learning Reflection

Dear parents/carers,

This week we have been dazzled by the ocean and science in general as part of National Science Week. We have also voted on our new neighbourhood novel which was an opportunity to collect some useful data. By signing up to Google Classroom we have been able to further develop our engrossing autobiographies.

Some further reflections are:

Heidi: I chose the Nature Journal because it is fun to draw the different plants and flowers. I like to draw them from new flowers to old flowers.


Ava: We have bean doing lots of writing, inquiry, maths and reading, Art, Italian and P.E. The most exciting thing this week was Science Week. Science Week is a week where we learn and do science. The teachers send fun science activities and we do lots of fun science. yay


Gigi: I think that everyone should choose someone and if everyone chooses someone we could all be pen pals.

Iggy: This week we started typing up our autobiographies in Google Classroom. I felt happy that we were finally able to use Google Classroom because last year I saw my friend Jess use it after school and it looked really fun. In April the teachers sent out an email with our usernames, accounts and passwords. Now we have school emails.


Binderiya: Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to our Term 3 Week 6 Blog Post. The Webex Meetings are becoming much more easier and we are NEARLY finishing the book Malamander!!!!!! We only have 6\7(one of them) more chapters! After the book Malamander, we are going to read another book with Kate. People in the Year 2 Neighborhood are voting for what book Kate is going to read next. There are 5 books you can choose from ( I think your child told you the five books you can choose from. If not I ask them!)

Jack K:

Alex: Loved working on my happy house this week. So much fun interviewing my family and taking photos of my home. Then making a report of it. So much fun. Division and maths families was a challenge this week but understand . Also typing into google class room was a challenge but finished it. Had a good week.


Evie H: This week I have enjoyed doing the Happiness Chart with my family. I learnt that different people in my family feel happy at different times of the day. I also changed how happy I am during the day.

I also enjoyed using the Google Classroom to type up my autobiography because it was fun to be able to change sentences to different places on the page (without using a rubber!). I liked changing the writing into cursive writing for the heading and into different colours.


Undram: l had a challenge by doing the spelling challenge because it was really hard finding the soft g words but l thought really hard and then l found out some words.


Vivienne: I have just done some of my Autobiography. I love to write my Autobiography it’s a really, really fun thing to do when you don’t know what to do for a while.

Seb F:

Have a brilliant weekend.

The Year 2 Neighbourhood