Week 5 Learning Reflection

Dear parents/carers,

This week, among many other things we have pondered whether Herbie and Violet are going to get caught, considered how we describe and categorise different materials, observed and drawn objects from the natural world, continued developing our increasingly detailed autobiographies and thought deeply about chance.

Here are a sprinkling of reflections from Week 5:

Francie: I am learning to subtract bigger numbers from smaller numbers by borrowing/renaming from the 10s column. I am also getting better at typing.

Ebony : I think homeschooling is easier in some ways but going to school is still better.  I like going to school because I get to see my friends more.  I like being able to talk to the teachers face-to-face.  


Heidi: I chose the provocation where you make a home for the community around you.  I liked it because it was fun to build with my sister.  I made a bird home.  


Iggy: This week we had our first webX specialists. It was fun because we got to talk to the specialist teachers. 

I learnt about Snow Leopards and how they survive.  I made a poster and a video about Snow Leopard facts.  


Makaila: This week has been very fun and easy, especially the activities. What I’ve learnt is how to explain my maths in ones and tens. I am very proud of my work, especially my picture of my dragon.


Undram: l had a challenge by doing the properties because it said upload failed. So l tried writing then voice recording and it worked and that is how l overcame my challenge. l really miss you Ruby.


Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 2 neighbourhood