Reflecting on the Corona Virus

The Year 2 neighbourhood has been thinking about our experiences during the lockdown. In response to their work with Emily the students have pondered what the corona virus might look like and sound like.

Nina: I remember that when I was looking at the newspaper with my mum we came to this page of the newspaper where it was a picture of a market in China and there was everyone wearing face masks and I asked my mum why and she said a special flu thing is in China and I just thought it was something small and I didn’t really know anything about it until Mum started making me washing my hands a lot and she started making masks. On another time I saw something on the newspaper there was a video and I saw Daniel Andrews saying that Coronavirus has hit Australia and lots of people were trying to buy toilet paper and I asked what was happening and my Mum told me that the flu that was happening in China had come to Australia.

Undram: It might be the sound of sneezing and coughing.

Gigi: It might be windy because covid-19 spread quickly and if it’s hard to see if might be because it’s really, really fast. 

Seb F: Maybe the coronavirus is invisible and it’s quick but you can feel it. 

Ivy Belle: Maybe it sounds like a cough and water sounds and soap dispensers getting pushed. 

Ihsahn: We could put a picture on the computer with this provocation. We could make a list of the sounds we think. Maybe we can’t see covi-19 because it might be the size of an atom.

Zoe: I have a question. I just wonder if the corona virus has bones because it’s so tiny. Does it have teeny-weeny bones?