Term 4 Week 2

Dear parents and carers,

We have made a big achievement by successfully doing another term of remote learning and now we are back at school and sitting in the meeting space and doing the blog together (Edie).  Some of the wonderful things we have done this week are:

  • We have made a great achievement in the Double Helix Quiz this week and got 5/5 for the first time! (Evie H)
  • We have been doing a lot more learning in our neighbourhood since lockdown ended and that has really helped our wellbeing (Sotir).

  • We have continued doing Mental Maths and most of the people have been enjoying it (Miles).  We can learn how to find out the answer to an equation and by listening to other people’s solutions we can learn new ways to figure out mathematical equations (Miles).

  • Zoe brought in the ingredients for a science experiment.  She had also made a volcano at home.  We all went outside and wrote predictions in our inquiry books about what we thought might happen when the bicarb, vinegar, glitter and food colouring were poured into the top of the volcano (Charlotte).  On the first try only a few bubbles came out because there wasn’t enough bicarb and vinegar.  On the second try Zoe and Evie M added a lot more vinegar and bicarb soda and it erupted out of the cardboard volcano.  It looked like pink foam! (Gigi)

  • Nina and Edie have been making a documentary about Year 2 for the Year 1’s.  They are doing this because the Year 1’s cant have an orientation this year because of Covid 19. (Nina)

  • Thomas, Aurelian, Louis, Iggy and Ivy Belle have been making a video for the Year 1’s.  The movie is about the “Who and I?” Fantails that we did earlier in the year that explain who we are. (Ivy Belle)

  • Alex has been rehearsing a speech that she is going to deliver to the ⅚ Neighbourhood.  The speech is about what the Year 2’s have been doing for our Inquiry this year.  (Alex)

  • Iggy, Tamar, Vivienne and Isabella have been looking at objects such as leaves and sticks.  They believe they have found a magpie nest.  The budding detectives have noted magpie poo was on one of these leaves and the surrounding asphalt.  We actually also saw a magpie swooping a pigeon. (Iggy)

  • This week we have been making posters about Book Week.  We have been celebrating the books that we really like. (Decca)

  • At recess and lunchtime Xanthe has been rehearsing her singing (and maybe dancing) for her debut at the Friday Performances.  (Xanthe)

  • Frankie enjoyed playing “Piggie In The Middle” with his new found friends Owen, Miles, Wilco.  (Frankie)

  • This week we are having the first Friday Performance for Term 4.  We wish you could come into the Neighbourhood to see us perform.  Sadly you cannot. Don’t forget to ask your child on Friday night for details on how it went (Evie H)

The Year 2 neighbourhood.