Week 3 Learning Reflection

Dear Parents and Carers,

Another rich and interesting week in the Year 2 neighbourhood. We have begun using Webex for maths and reading and also for catching up in our homegroups. Bird watching, Mars rover launches and musical performances have also been a feature.  Read on to hear more.

Seb C-M’s treehouse creation:

Ava: This week we have been responding to the Malamander book and answering our daily questions. We have also been doing our “Are you happy?” inquiry. For specialist classes we have been doing lots of fun PE activities with Maddy, art (looking out our window) with Hannah and Italian (fruit, pasta, teddy’s and vegetables) with Annamaria. For maths we now have been doing Prodigy which is good for our learning.

Jack K’s bird watching brilliance:

Binderiya: Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to our Term 3 Week 3 Blog Post. The Year 2 Neighborhood are also exploring happiness and making a video about happiness, some of the Year Twos already are in the video of happiness!

Edie: Remote learning is annoying because we don’t get to see people but at least we get to do school. This week was a good week.


Miles: I have learned about the corona-virus and writing. This week what I didn’t like was we didn’t have so much art. What I did like was that I got better at maybe 90 %. I’m thinking everybody got better at almost everything. What was really hard was how we needed to measure happiness. I missed my friends as well so much. I also miss when we went to school running around and playing with our friends it was so much fun. Back to school what was to easy was that there were to easy Italian fruits. I did mathematics and right now I am doing the blog about the teachers. The instructions are easier. I totally miss my teachers.

Tuesday’s science result: 

Undram: l had a challenge about not understanding the word TECHNOLOGY and l tried thinking about what the answer might mean but it didn’t sound right so l asked Ruby. And she said it means a device that you use like a ipad, tablet, Radio, laptop, computer, phone and a TV which l love watching.




Louis: I’ve learnt new things with touch typing. I’m enjoying being at home but I’m also missing my friends.

Heidi: Daily math helps you get better at math because when you choose a number you have to show different ways to get there.  That might be hard at first but once you do it you get better.  

Charlotte’s Mars watching:

Zoe’s amazing pie graph analysing responses to Are you happy?  First, she collected data using tally marks, then she sorted the data into categories and then created a pie chart to display her data!

Iggy: I also made a pie chart.  I made my pie chart using my computer.  The way I made a pie chart was:

1.You go into Google Chrome then you search up Google documents 2. then you press free online documents for personal use then you press personal 3. then You press documents then go to blank then you 4. go to insert press charp and then you press pie you go up to where it says link you press the arrow go to source 5. in column A and you write the words that you want and then in column B you write the number 6.and then you just go to customise and customise it and there you got a Pie Chart.

Ivy Belle: This week I really liked creating my 100’s chart and doing the Malamander response because we had to guess which word was correct for the sentence.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

The Year 2 neighbourhood