Week 8 Reflections

Dear parents and carers,

Cooking, lava lamps, pie charts, exceptional writing, inquiring minds, positive thoughts, uplifting music and community sharing! Another eclectic and enjoyable week in Year 2.

Jack B’s Bro Burger!


Undram: This week we have been focusing on our lnquiry: ‘The Self’ and we have been looking at our community and the lndigenous country. We have finished the Malamander book and Makaila is reading the second book of Malamander “Gargantis”. Kate is reading 88 Lime St. We had the first chapter today on the 31st of August 2020 (Monday). Our homegroup has been doing Webex meetings every day and Ruby tells us what activities there are. In our Webex meetings we do jokes, riddles (sometimes) and share work we are proud of. In our Friday Webex we do mindfulness.


Owen: Kate’s Number Talk (Animals on a farm) helped progress my knowledge of quarters. Learning quarters is helping me learn quarters at home. I’m trying to remember things and trying not to get distracted.


Binderiya: Dear Parents and Carers, Welcome to our Term 3 Week 8 Blog Post. But firstly we want to say Spring has sprang, YAY! We hope you are having a great first day in Spring. Kate has started reading the book 88 Lime Street, yesterday was when she started. If you wanted to know MORE of the book, ask you child. Also Zoe has done two INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT and AMAZING science experiments. It is SUPER cool! (And I think you have seen YOUR child do these two INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT and AMAZING science experiments.)


Ava: We have been doing things on Seesaw. There are a lot of things to talk about but the most exciting thing coming up is Fathers Day, a day where you get your dad a present. It only happens once a year. It’s a good day for you dad. It’s also a good day to show your dad how much you care for him.


Seb C.M: I thought the Science Experiments were fun and I loved the Music Lesson with Deb, the Swedish Chef was awesome and so much fun.


Zoe This week I enjoyed the science experiments, Iggy’s data collection, Alex’s pie graph and hearing 88 Lime Street. I also enjoyed connecting with my community, sharing my favourite song, practicing homophones, asking an author some questions, sharing recipes and using edible flowers.


Heidi: I have enjoyed doing Zoe’s lava lamp experiment because it was fun to do. Mum got a bit angry at me because the fizzy thing is actually a berocca and mum didn’t want me to use them. When I did it it went fizzy. I felt happy because I didn’t know it was going to be fizzy.

Seb C.M:

Have a great weekend in the Melbourne sunshine!

The Year 2 neighbourhood.