HPE Update

Expo this week – HPE videos are available to view the learning journey of each neighborhood. Key learning for this week, across neighborhoods Prep – Games and fundamental movement skills.  Year 1 – Dodging! The kids have been playing games and doing movement drills to practice changing direction while running. They have been practicing transferring

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Junior School: The children have been learning some traditional Indigeonous games. waayin – A game involving the identification of animal tracks diyari koolchee – A game where ball is rolled and rebounded off the wall to hit the target luka-pul pul – A find the object game jillora – A ball spinning game The 3/4s

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HPE Update – Week 3

Students have continued to receive Daily Physical Activity suggestions to remind them to stay active and participate in a variety of physical activities. This term, across the school, the HPE weekly task is focused on learning concepts in the Health Curriculum.  The 3/4s have been looking at the types of experiences that can be enjoyed in

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