HPE Update

Expo this week – HPE videos are available to view the learning journey of each neighborhood.

Key learning for this week, across neighborhoods

Prep – Games and fundamental movement skills. 

Year 1 – Dodging! The kids have been playing games and doing movement drills to practice changing direction while running. They have been practicing transferring weight, as they push off their outside foot and accelerate. Battle Ships and Rats and Rabbits have been played provide a context to practice this. This week we have focused on kicking and dribbling a soccer ball.

Rats and Rabbits – practices their movement, acceleration and reaction time

Year 2 – Striking! The kids have continued to practice striking a moving object with a bat. They have also been learning the chest pass and playing games that encourage them to move into space and call out for the pass.

3/4 – AFL. A favorite sport played at lunchtime with the 3/4s! They have been learning, practicing, and refining the drop punt, handball, and marking techniques. Students were positioned as experts and took on the responsibility of explaining and demonstrating skills, also providing feedback to peers and leading drills. As part of their Water Safety Certificate, we have also been looking at rescue skills this week.

5/6 students have been learning important information to obtain their Water Safety Certification and are using Seesaw to complete their Water Safety Knowledge assessment. This week we have begun a structured, round-robin competition, where students are playing a chosen sport in teams.


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