HPE update (Term 4, Week 1&2)

Term 1, week 1 (remote learning)

During the 5/6 Webex meeting in week 1, we discussed some ideas for activities that we could do keeping 2 key points in mind – physical activity and having fun. The gym is not being used for sport at this stage due to the restrictions, but we are fortunate to have lots of suitable areas outside. 5/6s were asked to share their thoughts and ideas about how this term will look, as student voice and agency will be key this term. Some great ideas were suggested, keeping in mind that certain activities can’t take place in order to keep everyone safe. Suitable suggestions were sports like volleyball, newcomb, badminton and tennis, and also individual or small group activities such as skipping, yoga, dance or fitness training. Sharing expertise has also been suggested – with one student sharing that he is keen to share his Taekwondo knowledge with his peers. 

The 3/4s had the task of creating a short activity for a group of 4, which builds/strengthens a particular skill. Their activity will be used as part of a session with activity stations set up. 

Aurelie (Year 4)                                                                                      Kat (Year 3)


Ben (Year 4)                                                                       Kaan (Year 3)

Term 1, week 2 ( back onsite!)

Junior School: The preps started off their HPE learning with a bang! The bright and colorful parachute came out, and they took part in some fun activities involving teamwork and games which brought laughter and smiles to everyone’s faces! The Year 1s enjoyed learning how to use the mini hand trampolines (with the fuzzy wuzzys!) and played Poison Ball. The Year 2s practiced their overarm throwing technique using mini vortexes and played a modified version of Crocodile Crocodile. The kids were overjoyed to be outside playing their favorite games again with their friends!

Senior School: The 3/4s played vortex battle, a game that requires the overhand throw (something that was practiced during remote learning), and did some skipping, individually or in groups. 5/6s took part in a tennis session, where we practiced racket and ball control and learned some key points on how to control a tennis serve on a mini-sized court. They practiced their forehand, backhand, serve, and receiving technique. King of the Court and doubles matches played to finish the session off.

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