2020 Learning Expo

As a neighbourhood we have worked together this year to help each other learn more about ourselves and our community. We engaged in a variety of experiences such as writing our own Autobiographies, investigating what makes us and our families happy, connecting with nature, working to improve ourselves (both academically and our mental wellbeing) because we now know that when we improve at something we feel better about ourselves.

For this year’s Learning Expo we created a Prezi to showcase our learning.  In the Prezi you will find links to examples of us as Writers, Readers, Researchers, Mathematicians, Scientists and Artists.  There are also links to our Inquiries into Indigenous Perspectives and our Year Long Inquiry of The Self.  

If you would like to experience the Year 2 journey from this year follow this link to see our Prezi. https://prezi.com/view/ovVqRiNWbRf8d5xbvY5D/