Collage and Collaboration: Sarah Rowe, Artist in Residence

This week saw the culmination of the term’s work and the bringing together of all the students’ stories about their connection with nature.

‘Collage is putting bits of pieces of paper together to make a big bit of paper’ Hattie Yr 1

If each little bit of paper is like one of our stories, and bringing each little piece of paper together is like bringing all our stories together.
‘This will make one big story’… Lucinda

We reminded ourselves of the initial thinking behind bringing our stories together… that we would create one large collage from all of our individual works.
The images below give some idea of the scale and the enormity of this amazing collaborative work. Students will continue to work on this and add colour and background collaged papers to refine and curate the work over the coming weeks.

Each new home group entered the visual art studio, a new chapter in the story was created. It has become an evolving work made up of a complex and intricate series of images and a monumental work that has delighted and amazed all students.

This is an amazing effort that symbolizes the coming together of a community after the unusual circumstances of the last few months.

As Sarah, our wonderful Artist in Residence has observed, the collage is representative of the students expressing their feelings in colours and shapes.
These are the final reflections from the Year 1 students:
This is a story about us. Ravi
Our work tells a story like a giant book. Jazeem
We could call it ‘The friendship story’. Ada
This has been an opportunity to admire other students’ works. Evee
It takes a moment to understand other people’s moments – not in a language but in collage. It takes some moments to look at the work and see how everyone connects with nature. Maggie
Lots of little connections that have made one big connection to nature. Huon

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