Week 10 Learning Reflection

Dear parents and carers,

This will be a short, sharp and concise blog post.

This week we have been focusing on calculating the area of squares and rectangles in daily maths (Isabella). We have also been learning how to figure out the perimeter (Charlotte). 

We have been reflecting on what we have learnt over the semester to get ready for our student-led conferences (Binderiya). We have been reflecting on the progress we have made with our learning over the year so far. For example, I have improved my ‘minute maths’ (Heidi). At the start of the year, I was doing a few sentences on one page but now I have improved and can do 3 pages of research. (Wilco) Last year I would do two pages of work and now I can do 4 by practising my writing. (Vivienne) Last year I was not the best at reading but now I am really good. Sometimes in independent reading I challenge myself to read more difficult books. (Evie M)

We have been continuing with our daily sprints to help us get ready for the day (Sumaya). Some people have been working on their Olympic Day Goals such as handstands, skipping and left-leg splits (Aimi). Some of these people have already achieved, and even exceeded, their goals. 



As our inquiry is focusing on ‘The Self’, we have been building stronger connections with valued members of our school community by surprising people on their birthdays and singing happy birthday to them (Warrick and Undram). Some of the people this week have included Warrick, Owen and Camilla in Year 2, Aurelie in Year 4, Richard (Vice-principal) and Jen (⅚ neighbourhood). We have been helping the birthday people have a better day (Miles). It makes us feel proud and happy inside (Evie H).

Well done to our amazing yet modest hosts for this week’s Friday performances, Remy and Tuesday and congratulations to all our varied performers.

Ukulele Club had our last session with Deb for the term. Owen reflects that last term we only knew C chord, Am and now we know F and G. We have been enjoying Ukulele Club over the weeks. We have been learning new songs and new chords (Makaila). We know how to play along to ‘Thunder’ and we also might do ‘Believer’ and Senorita’. Seb F says it “definitely feels good” to get better at the ukulele.

Your sincerely,

The Year 2 Neighbourhood