Understanding children’s resilience

Improving children’s resilience helps them to deal with the adversities they experience during childhood. It provides a foundation for developing skills and habits (e.g. coping skills, healthy thinking habits) that enable them to deal with later adversities during adolescence and adulthood. Resilience is also important for children’s mental health. Children with greater levels of resilience […]

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Free online – Tuning in to kids groups for parents and carers

8 x 2 hour online sessions from October 23rd – December 11th For parents and carers of children aged 1-11 years. Learn how to better connect with your child and to support their social and emotional development. These programs will help you better understand and communicate with your child, and prevent anxiety and behavioural problems.

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Wear it Purple Day

The last Friday of August each year is Wear It Purple Day. And like other wonderfully purple things (Cadbury’s chocolate-bar wrappers, grape-flavoured Hubba Bubba and Prince circa 1984, to name a few), it’s pretty special. Wear It Purple Day is all about celebrating and supporting young LGBTQIA+ people, and challenging societal attitudes to help shape

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Tuning in to Kids™

A 6-week program supporting parents/carers to enhance your parenting skills and focus on building your relationship with your child. Emotionally Intelligent Parenting: Learn how to better understand and interact with your child. Tuning in to Kids™ teaches parents/caregivers how to help their child develop emotional intelligence – a key skill to help them better cope

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Tuning in to Teens™

Interactive small-group program for parents/carers of teens & tweens. The Tuning in to Teens™ program is for parents/carers of students in Yr 5-8 who live in the City of Yarra. This 6-session, interactive, small-group program is a great opportunity to better understand and help your child as they navigate high school and adolescence. The program helps

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Wellbeing at Princes Hill Primary School

At Princes Hill Primary School, our focus is to create a positive community that enhances a sense of connection and belonging in students, this is achieved by our strong focus on wellbeing and inclusion. Through universal strategies, students are supported to develop: Some examples of current evidence-based approaches and programs visible within our school include:

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