Learning Focus Week 5

As the Year 1 inquiry “My Place in the World” unfolds, we are currently investigating the world through scientific concepts that the children have shown an interest in. These are light, sound, and bugs!

The children have already started sharing their ideas about these areas and this week we are exploring different thoughts and ideas from the children. Student thinking is represented on the inquiry wall around the Torus near the library. Please come and have a look.

In our literacy learning, the children are focusing on the narrative genre structure and the importance of not only having a beginning, a  middle, and an end to a story but also the inclusion of problem / resolution sequences in ideas for writing as well. We will also continue our word investigations exploring sounds and spelling patterns.

In numeracy, the children have been observing the birthday chart that we collaboratively created. We will be using this graph to investigate different ways to interpret and represent information. We will also look at creating our own pictographs this week as well! Data is being collected; peoples favourite colour, different hair colours, or AFL teams, etc and the children will design their graphs this week.