Last term, the grade 1 neighbourhood started to explore the big understanding of systems.  We looked at what a system was and some examples of systems.

Yesterday we interviewed the students, asking them questions about systems and what they understood about how systems work.  The kids came up with some really interesting snippets of information.  Below is just an example of some of the ideas that they shared with us.



What makes something a system?

Charlotte: It has lots of parts that work together

Poppy: Lots of people doing different jobs and lots of different machine parts. So they can make the system work.

Thomas V: A wheel is a system

Kitty: A system is something that has lots of little parts in it that makes one thing work.

Edward: Lots of things. Lots of machine parts.

Danny: Working together as a team

Jayla: Things are connected to each other


What are some examples of systems?

Thomas V: A wheel is a system


How are simple machines a system?

Charlotte: An eggbeater, it has wheels and the lever.

James: The wheel spins the lever and the lever spins the cogs and the wheel spins these.

Danny: an egg beater works together as a team


How is a restaurant a system?

Olivia: People work together.

Jackson: the customers come in and the waiter has to show them the table. If the customers don’t follow the waiter, they won’t know there the table is.

Thomas V: If the chef tells the waiter to give it to table two and the waiter gives it to table three then system breaks down.


What’s one thing we could say about a system?

Enid: That it works altogether because all the pieces are in the right spot.



Finally, here is two small parts of many (many) minutes of videos we took of the students.