Week 4 Learning Focus (three day week!)


The excursion to the museum was really fun and was really important for continuing our change investigation and the question ‘What changes and what stays the same?’. Based on student thinking whilst at the museum the inquiry has shifted into two areas of interest, Earth and Daily Life, and the changes the occur and how we react and respond to them. We are doing this through exploring the seasons and how the world changes, and how we change as a result.

Another change is that the children are being supported to work more collaboratively now. Which means there are larger groups attempting to express their learning together!

Challenging AND fun!


The week our reading focus is around reading comprehension. This will help the children build strategies to understand different texts in more meaningful ways. We will be looking at inference (beyond the text) as a way of communicating meaning as well as literal (in the text) reading skills. We will be supporting this learning through the use of narratives and exploring the narrative genre structure (starting with Beginning, Middle and End).


After a fantastic day out at the museum the children are developing their skills and understandings within the reflective recount writing genre. Using facts in a chronological order and adding some personal experience into writing will help the children work toward their writing learning goals.


This week in numeracy we are continuing our work around addition strategies and number facts. We are also working with number patterns after creating patterns with the autumnal collections from week 1.

Soon the children will revisit formal measurement but some have already discovered that they are 1 or 2 centimeters taller than when we measured ourselves in term 1!!


Please remember that Thursday and Friday this week are curriculum days and there is no school!