This year we have continued the tradition of writing and sharing affirmations within the neighbourhood. Students, as much as teachers, are capable of identifying the qualities of strong and capable children. When they do, they are encouraged to make a note of these actions in the affirmations jar. To help inspire one another to develop in all areas, we share these affirmations at the end of the week and celebrate each success.

Please read on to find out more about what these affirmations mean to our community:

Oscar: Affirmations help celebrate doing something nice for someone else and make everyone feel welcome. When you hear your name you feel happy.

Jeannie: Affirmations are helpful because they make people think positively and feel really good. When you get an affirmation that means someone has noticed you doing something good for the community. On Fridays when we read them out, people are always hoping they get an affirmation. If you don’t get one, that’s okay. Sometimes when the people reading them get one for themselves it can be funny (reading out an affirmation written for them). The teachers also sometimes get them and I think that’s good, too.

Luke: It’s a chance for everyone to feel good about themselves. I like writing them because I’m making others feel good.

Lee: It kinda feels nice getting one. It’s like you’ve achieved something. I like writing them because when the person receives it you feel, like, ‘yay!’ It’s good to notice the good things we do and when we read them we all give a power clap.

Bas: Affirmations help by sharing ideas and letting everyone be part of it. Working as a team and inviting everyone to help. It’s something fun we do together – sharing a discussion about good things we notice at school.

Marla: I think affirmations are good because people get to hear nice things about themselves. I think we could encourage everyone to write more affirmations for people who aren’t their close friends.

Hugo H: Affirmations can help people succeed because it makes them feel like they’ve done something right – they’ve helped someone, or taught someone something.  Maybe we could do a workshop on writing affirmations for people to get even more affirmations.

Thomas: Getting an affirmation makes people feel happy.