Term 3 In the Prep Neighbourhood

We have been learning how to make books. Some of us didn’t know how to write and now we know how to write books. It’s helped us learn to write.  Flynn

This term our inquiry into construction deepened with the creation of three separate pathways. The teachers observed and documented the children’s interests and directions in construction and formed the Kindness, Stories and Place project groups. Each group was provoked and guided to inquire into these various ways of constructing.

The Constructing Kindness group started the hundred hearts initiative, inquired into kindness and created kindness posters. As part of this project the group visited other neighbourhoods within the school and Rathdowne Village to deliver messages of kindness.

The Constructing Story group, inspired by a peer’s story, collaborated to construct the book ‘In Our City’. Through this process the children wondered, questioned and discussed the concept of a city, its purpose and its needs. This group also visited Rathdowne Village to explore the elements that make up our local city.

The Constructing Place group explored the very real construction happening in the school. They closely observed and documented as the building took place around them. They began to connect the idea of constructing to our own courtyard space. As the idea of improving the courtyard progressed and the children’s interests in plants became apparent, a visit to Ceres Nursery was organised.

After our very successful parent documentation evening we have formulated 3 new project groups. The new groups were formed through a democratic process. These new groups are Beauty, Plants and Construction. It is our vision that these groups, with the help of the parent community can create a sense of beauty, a recognition of Indigenous culture and a stronger presence of nature in our courtyard space.