Learning Focus – Week 4!

Firstly, thank you to those volunteers who came out on an overcast day for the Walkathon! It was a big success as the students had a great time walking and already we’ve had some extremely generous payments raised for the school – so THANK YOU all very much! And what a wonderful sight last week’s Mothers/Carers day it was in the gym. So many highlights throughout the assembly, we truly hoped you all had a lovely weekend and acknowledge that you ALL are doing a fantastic job!

This week and last week our new guided reading groups have taken off and have all started well. We are having a strong focus within our phrasing of words, spelling phonics/blends and strategies to work out more complex words. The students have also been learning about ‘thinking routines’ to aide with their comprehension of texts – the big book texts we are reading together are Bear Who Won’t Share and Three Friends Together.

Students have continued a strong focus in line with addition strategies with renaming and regrouping. This week, they will also be beginning strategies in line with subtraction as well as the place value rules when subtracting. A portfolio piece students have been working closely on this week is their Maths Machines; a creative illustration of a type of machine that incorporates an addition code (+5) and a series of numbers that go IN and come OUT a different number from the code.

Finally, we are encouraging students to take their inquiry conversations of ‘stories’ back home. The main focus or question we are planning to ask is what knowledge do you find/discover when reading/hearing stories? The students will be discussing and documenting information about this question next week, but we really want them to begin the conversations at home and then, in turn, be shared at school!


  • Please check your child/ren for nits/eggs!
  • Home Readers/Journals need to be brought to school tomorrow – that includes everyone!
  • Hats are recommended to be worn!

Year 1 Team