Phys. Ed across the school

Prep: The Preps have been learning fundamental movement skills (throw, catch, kick, bounce and run) through explicit teaching of the skill and participation in games where they can practice their skill. They have played games that encourage cooperation and communication with team members. Students from Princes Hill Secondary ran coaching sessions with Amy and Nellies home group last term. Jess’s home group will get to take part in this this term. The coaching sessions have been specific to the sports – cricket, volleyball and tennis.

Year 1: The year 1s have continued to build proficiency of fundamental movement skills (throw, catch, kick, bounce, run) and introduced new skills – forehand strike and dodge. They are playing a number of games that give them an opportunity to practice these skills in a fun and meaningful context. Our sessions have been beginning with dance. Currently they are learning and practicing movement sequences that follow a repetitive pattern to music through the Nutbush and Macarena.

Year 2: The year twos have been learning and participating in a number of games to continue to strengthen their ability to perform movement sequences involving the fundamental movement skills. Games have included – Golden Child, Battleships, Tails, Kick ball and modified cricket games. As students have been playing in teams, we are often discussing what a positive member of a team looks like, how to cope with disappointment and building the understanding that we are all here to have a good time while playing sport – winning is not everything. We also have examined health messages from SunSmart, Water Safety and Active April.

3/4s:  The 3/4s took part in a cricket unit during Term 1. The focus was on building hand eye coordination through a number of drills and routines with tennis balls. Each session focused on a different skill, going through batting, bowling and fielding. Students were introduced to the rules of the game – building their knowledge of the game. Sessions were completed with a modified cricket game. Running has been incorporated to all sessions – building the understanding what they need to do to run at a steady pace for a longer length of time. In preparation for our school Cross Country, they learnt a number of training methods that they can implement themselves.

5/6s: Like the 3/4s, the 5/6s learnt a number of training methods that they can implement themselves. These included interval, Fartlek and strength training. At the beginning of term 1, students participated in a number of minor games. To prepare for inter school sport, the focus switched to learning Tee ball, Basketball, Netball, AFL and Soccer. Sessions focused on the key skills, movement concepts and strategies for that sport, along with discussions about being a positive member of a team.

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