Hello Hello | Week 1 in 5/6

Welcome to the Year 5/6 neighbourhood of 2019! We’re off to a very settled start. Steve, Jen, Clare, Sarah, and Tonia, have slid right in to a very accomodating year 5/6. We’re a big group of 135 students, which will be why logistically things will look a little different throughout the year.

Our First 5/6 Gathering for the year

With assemblies taking a different form in 2019, we held our first 5/6 gathering. It was a great opportunity for students to proudly share some of what they’d been working on over the week. A massive thanks to students who showed some courage to take the lead and set an example. We’ll be deciding the format of these gatherings over the next few weeks before inviting the broader community, so stay tuned!

Getting into routine and setting expectations

The focus of our inquiring over the first 8 weeks has been on ensuring safety and learning of all students. With the key messages being:

Students and Teachers have the right to do as much work as possible.

Students and Teachers have the right to feel safe and comfortable in the neighbourhood.

We have been exploring these concepts and others through a range of workshops where students have learned more about themselves and others. We are keen to see strong Home-groups with a emphasis on Circle Time. Richard, our new Assistant Principal made a few visits (the students were a little disappointed to discover that while he likes computer games, he is not into fortnight).

Prep Buddies

Is underway and the Prep team are so impressed with how the Year 5s have taken to their new responsibilities, it started with meeting the students before lunch and the preps are now very excited for the next opportunity.