We have started strong with Week 2 here in the 5/6 neighbourhood! Below are a few ‘housekeeping’ items we have discussed and encouraged students to share with their parents.


Both PHPS and the department of education have a strict policy in regards to hats for term 1 and 4.  Students are required to wear broad brimmed or legionnaire hats whenever they are outside – lunch, recess, sport etc. You can find the policy over at our website . If students don’t have a hat, they are asked to sit undercover, in front of the year 2/art area of the playground. Parents may need to be alerted if it is an ongoing issue.


If parents haven’t had a chance to log in to compass and organise their students book packs – please do ASAP.  We will be slowly handing out books this week and would very much like everyone to be able to start using their resources.


Compass is currently being used for all excursions and notifications.  Unless specifically requested, we ask that you use the portal for all payments.


Students will participate in regular independent reading time throughout the week.  Students will be provided opportunities to visit the library, but are also encouraged to bring a book from home to use during reading time.


Students received an ICT user agreement last week and were asked to take the document home, read over with their parents, sign the agreement and return ASAP


Feel free to come and say hi to us in the neighbourhood – we love to have visitors!