District Champions

The 5/6 Neighbourhood took part in Inter School Sport for 7 weeks of Term 2. The schools that we competed against were Carlton North, Spensley Street, North Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Fitzroy Community School and Merri Creek Primary. The sports on offer were AFL, Netball, Basketball, Soccer and Tee Ball.

Congratulations to our Netball, Soccer and AFL teams who finished the season as champions of the Carlton District.

AFL – Henry, Hugo, Tem, Zahra, Iris, Kalyc, Vincent, Jonah, Claudia, Pearl, Daniel C, Leo, Robbie, Daniel S, Oscar and Iggy
NETBALL – Juliette, Vittoria, Holly, Nina, Ana, Tessa, Hannah, Belle and Jade
SOCCER – Imani, Ames, Isaac, Shaakir, Max, Alexander, Bianca, Maggie, Dante and Jack

Well done on all students for participating and representing our school in such a positive manner throughout the season.

A huge thank you to the 5/6 teachers for your support in running team training sessions, coaching and refereeing.

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