Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival is nearly here. Students from years 3 – 6 have been busy learning and practicing different techniques required for events.

House Meetings will be on tomorrow afternoon where students will sign up for events. The School Captains and house captains will be facilitating this process. After the meeting, each child will bring home a card with their events listed.

The events at the carnival are as follows:

Running – 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, Hurdles

Throwing – Discus, Shot put

Jumping – High, long, triple

Relay – 4 X 100m

The are certain events that are compulsory and others that students can choose to participate in if they feel comfortable doing do.

  • Compulsory: 100m, discus, shot put, long jump
  • If students are 8/9 y.o. and wish to participate in triple jump they will be competing in the 10 y.o.

Students are encouraged to have a go and just try their best.  Participation in events will contribute to the house total, not just the place getters. It will be a fun events with lots of house spirit and cheer!

Age groups – The age that students will be on the 31st of December this year determines their group. For example, if a student is 10 now but will be 11 next month, they will be in the 11s. 

Shot put session with 34D.

Any parents who are willing to come and assist on the day, please fill out the form that was sent out on compass. Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Please follow through with payment and return permission forms by Friday the 9th.

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