Learning Focus: Week 10

Welcome to the last week of term 3!

There is a lot happening in the last week of term. Here are the highlights:

Trip to the Nova Cinema

On Thursday morning we will be heading to the Nova to meet with their operations manager. Our purpose is to gain authentic insight into what it takes to run a cinema. This will help our students with their Family Friendly Cinema project and provide inspiration as our own film projects start to take shape.

Movie Projects

Our film projects based around the themes of Identity, Relationships, Belonging and Transformation are progressing well. This week, the teams will meet and continue making project plans, assigning roles, writing scripts, scouting locations etc.

What could be happening in our film about transformation?


Our students have created a wide range of documentaries related to our Canberra camp or what it was like to stay at school instead of going to Canberra. Ask to see your child’s documentary. They should be putting the finishing touches to them this week.

Makey Makey Orchestra/ Scratch music project

In this fascinating project, students have been recording sound files and integrating them into scratch games or creating musical scores that use Makey Makey. We have had fantastic engagement from our students and they will continue working with Deb on this project this week

Published Piece

This term, students have been working on producing a published piece of writing of at least 1000 words. As the term draws to a close, the piece is due. What a wonderful range or writing our students have produced! There are murder mysteries, biographies, science fiction pieces, narratives about friendship groups and much more. Ask to read your child’s piece.

Family Friendly Cinema

Last week, we injected some realism into this project, asking students to consider the ways their cinema will earn and spend money. This week, during our trip to the Nova, students will have the chance to measure a real cinema. This will help them produce a scale drawing of their family friendly cinema.

From all of us in the 5/6 team, have a wonderful term break and see you in term 4!