Neighbourhood 1 Market Day (3) September 15th!

Last Friday, 3/4 Neighbourhood 1 engaged with their third Market Day for the year and boy was it full of exciting businesses and NEW ideas. For example, we had our first AUCTION, a well-organized RAFFLE that included a prize and some very successful businesses!

We will NOT be having another Market Day this term due to the cleaning up processes at the end of this week. The next market day will be Week 2 of the final term. With some further advancements in the ‘planning a business’ phase, the students will be able to fully understand what is being asked of them to run a successful business as well as organize themselves by promoting and setting up resources.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the recent Market Day:

Poppy: I liked the slime stall because they also sold raffle tickets (it gets you more slime).

Hendrix: I really liked the comic stall (mini element animations).

Juno: I really liked me and ‘Stitching Steve’ because all of the cushions were soft.

Daniel S: ‘Cardboard Cutters’ had some really surprising stuff

Griffin: Zac Pon came and brought one of the ships so we got $2000! I hope he has the money in his account to pay for it…

Juliette: I was disappointed about the ‘slime bros’ product because it was too hard and small.

Christian: We had more potatoes, we got a lot more money and all went well.

Heni: It was the worst market day ever, especially the competition stall.

Zahra: The auction started off at a good price then the price jumped up quickly from two competitors.  

Iris: Elsie and Astrid’s brownies were really good and their pizza scrolls were really good too. They know how to cook, or at least their parents do!

Griffin: I also really enjoyed the mango fruit because it was really good value.

Otto: I thought that the mangos were really good but at the start the deal was not that good but it was getting better near the end because they reduced the price to an affordable rate.

Daniel S: (question) does the manager pay for all of the things?

Daisy: I wanted to add on to Juliette about the ‘slime bros’ because the slime got hard really quickly.