Learning Focus (English and Maths)

In English and maths this week our students will enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities that really embody our purpose at PHPS; to provide a solid foundation of fundamentals, and at the same time to develop the motivation and the skills to discover more. Much of the English and maths is closely connected with our movie making project.


A big focus this term in English is for our students to produce published work that has been revised, edited and honed into finished pieces of high quality. To that end, they have been given the task of writing a 1000 word piece of their choosing. Ask your child what the topic of their piece is. Are they writing a narrative, a biography, a series of poems etc.? We have some amazing authors in our cohort!

Our workshops will be around developing ideas for our movies, script writing and the use of adverbs.

We will also be serving our usual rich English fare of reading groups and targeted learning sessions.


So far this term we’ve had “Wimbledon Maths” and “Canberra Maths”. This week it’s all about cinema design. This is going to be the start of a big maths project. We’ll start with a workshop to introduce the project and then continue with another to start designing our cinema (mapping, measurement, shapes, angles and much more!). Our cinema maths project will allow students to learn and apply fundamental maths skills in an authentic and engaging setting.

Last week we introduced 24/7 goal setting. Ask your child to share what their goal is for this week. What have they done to achieve their goal today (24) or during the week (7)?

Our juicy mathematicians, who are enrolled in the Australian Mathematics Trust Enrichment Challenge will be looking at clock arithmetic, building some regular octahedrons and other polyhedrons, and uncovering the pattern behind 2/5 = 1/3 + 1/6.

Maths targeted learning sessions this week will include elapsed time, multiplication, place value, subtraction and designing an itinerary.