Origami & NASA

Vicki Tu has been a welcome visitor to neighbourhood 1 for the last two Tuesdays. She has been exploring the art of origami with students who have found the experiences thought provoking and relaxing. Through the art form students are prompted to think mathematically and geometrically about design, while building perseverance and patience. Vicki will visit again next Tuesday, but unfortunately this will be her final day with us. We are looking forward to seeing students’ beautiful creations on display in the Art Studio. A reminder to visit the origami display in neighborhood 2. It showcases the work students completed with Vicki when she visited neighborhood 2 last term.




We have begun to extend our thinking about origami. We have found that the skills involved have close links to our thinking about the Mars One mission and settlement on Mars. As explored in the links below, NASA have a history of technologically utilising paper folding concepts.

Brew Ha Ha – Crowd Sourcing Origami Astronaut Protection