Learning Focus


As we move forward with our inquiry into power, we are exploring some of the ways it manifests. Students are preparing a portfolio piece to document their response to provocations that include:

The Power of Location

Students began by comparing the lives of children in different cultures. This has led to them analysing how children’s power varies depending on where they are born.

Poster Art

Posters are a very familiar part of our world, but:

  • What is their role?
  • What makes a poster successful?
  • How does an artist create a poster that stops us in our tracks?

Students have been exposed to the bright, vibrant colours of poster art and have been creating their own posters to demonstrate what power means to them.

The power of choice

What are the choices you have every day?
Which of these choices then lead to another choice?

Using a branching diagram or flowchart, students are showing  the different decisions they make each day. 


The budget mini-project was a great success. Our students have shown great creativity and skill in the way they have created a budget that included a wide range of mathematical concepts. This week we are commencing “Making Maths Quizzes”, where our students will design and create a digital version of an adaptive quiz. That means that the questions in the quiz will get easier of more difficult depending on whether the wrong or right answer is selected. This project has arisen out of the way the students designed flowcharts to describe their daily choices. All the materials for the project will be available on the students’ folder of Google Drive.


In English we are working on the structure and language devices used in persuasive writing. As we explore opinion in our inquiry we are also learning how to use language to persuade and share our opinions. We will investigate the use of modality in our language as well as how we can use devices such as emotive language and rhetorical questions.